Rolls Royce Ghost Goes Pink for Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Fabulous pink Rolls Royce Ghost with an Extended wheelbase together with most popular British celebrities

Pink cars and limos have been around since the start of Hello Kitty. Nobody is surprised by a pink limousine rolling on the streets of Chicago, or even at a wedding venue. But have you seen a pink Rolls Royce Ghost limousine? I bet you didn’t. Neither did we. Color pink is definitely taking its share in the car market. Just like this orange Lamborgini limo, a pink Rolls Royce is not something you would see everyday.

But hey, you may think to yourself “Rolls Royce and pink don’t really go together..” Just wait until you learn the meaning and reason behind this lavish paint job.

This Ghost was painted in this manner to help awareness of woman’s breast cancer foundation. Also, the purpose is to raise money for the charity. The project was accredited by FAB1, an institution which sets to raise cash reserve for breast cancer care.

However, the campaign involves more than just a fancy paint. The Rolls Royse will be used as a limousine for hire in the greater UK area. All the profits made for the next year will go towards the fundraiser. Also, the interior of the car is matched with the outside: it features pink carpets, upholstery and pink ribbon accessories.

As of right now, the car is on tour with Gary Barlow and several other celebrities. As they travel throughout UK, the Ghost will be featured in a number of shows, photographed with numerous celebrities and used in exclusive luxury events. The campaign is set to raise the funds of over a million UK pounds (around $1.53 million US dollars). The shows will be featured online and on the local television.

For those who are wondering, we researched the origin behind the weird name. FAB1 was a pink Rolls Royce featured in the 1960s Great Britain’s TV comedy series “Thunderbirds”.

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