How to Book a Limousine Online With Elite Chicago Limo

book a limousine online with elite Chicago limoMany people avoid booking online since they think it’s too complicated. However, many problems can be eliminated by simply reading through instructions. To avoid confusion when making a Chicago Limo Service reservation online for the first time (weather it is a misunderstanding the booking system or just not being sure at what they are doing) let me explain how to use Elite Chicago Limo reservation form online. You can find it on our website

1. Navigate to the Reservation tab in the Elite Chicago Limo website’s main menu. There will be four options for you: “Quick Reservation”, “Instant Rate lookup”, “Request a Quote” and “Create an Account Option”. Click on the “Quick reservation”.

2. You will see a fields to fill out. Here you have to enter the pick-up date, time, location, your name, cell phone number, etc. Do not try to fill out the small form on your left; It is just a representation of your trip and it will fill itself after you will enter all the information. All fields marked with “*” have to be filled. Try to be as accurate as possible when filling out your e-mail address, the date and time of your trip. Continue to the next step.

3. On the next page you will see all the information you entered in the form on your left. If you will notice any mistakes, go one page backwards and correct them.

4. Now you can add addresses and details of your trip. If you are booking a charter limousine, it is not necessary to fill out all the addresses where you are going to. It is enough to enter the pick-up address and the rest of the trip can be directed to the driver. Just enter the town or a zip code. The driver of the limousine will find all the addresses with a GPS.

Keep in mind that the reservations online have to be made 24hrs in advance. After you make a reservation, a confirmation number will be sent to your email. Do not delete this email you will need the number later in case if there are any questions.

OK, you just booked a limousine for your trip, have fun with the best Chicago limo service! For more information about the limousine services and Chicago Wedding Limo services, visit

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